Saturday, May 30, 2015

Amusement Park Memorabilia

These items fit two classes - promotional giveaways or courtesy items (two items from a major amusement park resort hotel) and retail items (one item, from the same resort hotel) and date to the early 1980's as best I can recall.

Above - front and back of a towel from the resort hotel.  Surprised this survived... but then I'm surprised any of this sh!t survived.  

Above is a very small bar of soap from the same place; the actual brand of the soap is visible on the side, so as far as promo items go this is a two-for-one.

Here's a decent sized Frisbee we bought there and apparently never used.  Note the old logo from those days - which shows the old steam train and huge Ferris wheel (both still there) and the Space Needle ride (now gone.)  Clearly this was long before this park thought of itself as a roller coaster park mainly, with other attractions around.  Actually it isn't -- there are many more rides and attractions that aren't coasters than ones that are, but it's the coasters that give it continued press.  I go back for the memories, and all sorts of rides, and good times with the family.  Maybe this year I'll look to see if I can get a 2015 Frisbee to pair with this one!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Trivets (hot plates) from the 70's

We always called these things "hot plates," but in fact they're trivets - and we used them in our family all the time in the 70's.  At the time they looked pretty common when compared to all of the other ultra-mod things they were surrounded with; today, they're just out of place everywhere.  As is most everything from the 1970's.